Monday Rewrite: A New Normal

You know how it is when change happens, often unexpectedly. The floor shifts a little, and the world goes out of focus a bit. Suddenly the old seems so friendly and easy and comforting. That’s how it felt. At the mountain. When we came across the new normal. Goodness knows we were only just starting to get used to change. Decades of slavery had shockwaved us into weeks on the run. We’d been jolted from one life to another. I guess that’s why Egypt began to look so appealing again. There was a certainty about the past now that we were moving on all the time. Living with change. A settled people turned into pilgrims, moving at different rates. In different moods. Now here we were at this mountain and here was the new normal. A guidebook, a playbook handed to us, showing us what it was to be human rather than property. To treat one another like people made in the image of God. To respect each other. To value each other and our God. This extraordinary Creator who wasn’t made of stone or wood. An invisible God with love in his heart and kindness on his mind. A new normal. Took some adjusting to, and to be honest we fell at the first hurdle. But we’re soldiering on, learning as we go, discovering what it means to be a continuing pilgrim people, with God in our midst, and a new way of day-to-day living. Exodus 20

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