Wednesday Riff: Muscle Memory

Those actions we do that become

Instinctive, responsive, behavioural.

Now there’s a thought, a longing, a goal, a prayer…

… to develop good habits,

Good muscle memory,

Especially when it comes to life,

Faith, hope and others.

To react instinctively, positively,

With genuine care and interest.

To lift our eyes when problems yell at us,

To instinctively pour out our angst, our fear,

In gritty, sweat-stained heartfelt prayers,

Rather than over all the wrong people.

To find praise, hope and courage rising within us,

When cynicism and putdown come calling.

Just a little more each day,

With your help…

A little more muscle memory,

A different kind of instinct,

That we may be part of making the world


Rather than


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