Wednesday Riff: Name

There is a name,

An umbrella name,

Unlike any other.

A place of shelter from the storm,

Portable and present

In every place, every time, every age,

Large enough for all,

Personal enough to know it well.

A name full of hope and purpose,

A name which understands

Our sorrow and loss,

An umbrella for comfort

When things become too much.

A covering to cling to,

A refuge for

When the weight of the day

Falls on us,

When life feels awkward

And unwieldy once again.

A banner of compassion,

A name that is higher,

More significant,

More relevant

Than any other.

A name we can cling to,

For strength and courage,

Identity and friendship,

Wherever we go.

Proverbs 18 verse 10

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