Wednesday Riff: 21st Century Homesick Blues

Laughter, joy and faithfulness,

Helping others more or less,

Dignity, truth, respect,

Conversation, kindness.

Trust, love, a little hope,

Trying to do our best,

Sharing peace and friendship

When we’re desperate for a rest.

. . .

Love drained, struggling,

Patience stretched, running thin,

Need someone to lean on,

To get us through the striving.

Compassion calls, crying out,

Need some truth and grace,

Longing for some kind of peace,

A refuge in a safe place.

. . .

Thoughts race, wondering,

Where will all this trouble end?

Will there be a way through?

Fake news, what’s true?

Is this world… second best?

Where’s the hope, whatever next?

A figure on the margins,

Often drowned by other things,

Says, ‘Bring to me those troubled frowns,

Come and lay your burdens down.’

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