Wednesday Riff: In Love

Those who live in love

Live in God, and God in them.

It’s hard at times to have the desire,

The courage, the understanding,

The intention, the energy,

To know how to even begin to live in love.

There are days when everything within us

Leans in the opposite direction.

Thank you for those who inspire us

To live in love,

Those who nudge us, who urge us,

Who light a candle to guide us

Through the darkness.

Help us today, please,

To make those choices that lead to love,

Those choices that lift up the light,

Even if we are not aware we are doing that,

Help us today to want to follow that path,

To have the energy and understanding,

The courage and intention…

For you are Love, and you understand us.

Thank You.

Those who live in love

Live in God, and God in them.

1 John 4 v 16

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