Monday Rewrite: A Lost E-pistle from Rahab




Dear Sir

Just wanted to thank you for saving my life. And for honouring your promise and preserving my family too. When your boys knocked on my door I wouldn’t let them in at first, I only take one customer at a time. I’ve been caught out before. Plus they didn’t look rich and I mix with royalty you know. They looked like a couple of punks! Anyway, I’m glad I did. So thanks.

If I’m honest I didn’t expect you to honour the promise. Why would you? Just some alien hooker begging for her life. I’m used to men using me for their own ends and then conveniently forgetting to follow through on their promises. Men and cheap talk are real bed buddies, believe me. Thank you for being different.

I don’t know what the future holds for you or me. You’ll probably go down in history as some great hero of your people, most men do, and me, I’ll most likely be forgotten by tomorrow lunchtime. I have to make a new home here now in this place amongst a strange people. We’re not exactly refugees thanks to the new home your men gave me, but we are strangers in a strange land. We haven’t travelled far but in some ways it feels like a million miles. Nothing is the same anymore. Neighbours, shops, food, way of life. And these strange religious customs. Who is this God you all talk about? I don’t get it. No child sacrifices, no temple prostitutes, no orgies. And only the one! He must be a busy God – fire water sky earth weather war peace pain pleasure food drink tears laughter – he seems to be Lord of them all. I’ve never encountered anything like this before. And where are the idols? How can you relate to an invisible God? I hear tales of him looking like smoke and fire in the desert – but you can’t touch that. How’s that help? Doesn’t even have a real name. Just ‘I am’ – the present. Don’t you need something more tangible? More confinable. Strange.

My little boy Boaz was awed and ‘wowed’ and horrified to see the city burning yesterday. He gasped and cried and gaped. He’s always playing soldiers with his cousins, so he was fascinated by the sight of the real thing. Weapons and officers, strategies and explosions. But that’s his world gone up in smoke now. The only place he’s ever known. He hasn’t spoken since he woke up this morning. I think the reality of all he’s lost is sinking in.  I’m glad he has his cousins and uncles here.

I met one of your people yesterday, a woman called Naomi, she was kind and helpful. Made me really welcome. Not sure if we’re destined to be friends but just her smile and conversation made me feel better. She has two baby boys, so I guess she understands the stresses of being a mother. She seems a good woman.

Not sure if I’ll see you again, you’re a busy man and I’m a nobody. But thank you again.


(Taken from The Lost e-Pistles from the Dead Sea iParchment drawing on Joshua chapters 2 & 6)

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