Monday Rewrite: A New Start

Like so many, she was trying to construct a life from things she found in the market stalls. And she had a gift for it, no doubt. Spotting the best cuts of cloth tucked away amongst the regular pieces, able to haggle for a good price and then turn them into something extraordinary. She was respected and known. Successful and liked. But there was something missing. Something buying and making and selling couldn’t quite satisfy. She had faith, and that had cracked open a door in her heart lately. She was restless, wondering, hungry for something more. So when she met the strangers that day by the river, she spotted something in them. Something beyond their words. A reality that she’d lately been looking for, a purpose that she’d sensed was somewhere around. Now she could see it in their eyes. Now here she was in the river, being refreshed, woken up in a way that was far more than mere cold water on her face. A baptism of life. As if the scales were being washed from her eyes. As if someone had turned up the colours of the day. She felt new. Alive. Different. Clean. This was the start of something. She wanted to give something back and as the visitors were heading off she called them. Offered them a home for a while. Hospitality for them. A chance to know more about this new life she’d discovered for her. They smile, nod.

Acts 16 v 11-15

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