Wednesday Riff: A different kind of radical

‘Blessed are those not offended by me,’

He once said after one exchange.

‘Blessed are those who can cope

When I break out of their boxes.’

For we all get our ideas and

Refuse to budge,

Claim we have him all worked out.

But he’s a different kind of radical.

Strong but not aggressive,

Ground-breaking but not pompous,

Powerful but not arrogant.

Instead gentle, handling with care

Those who are shoved aside,

Those rejected and seen as fools,

The losers and the lost,

The uncool and the overlooked.

A different kind of radical.

One who stands with those

Who cannot stand for themselves,

Those who have lost hope and purpose,

Those battered by life’s demands.

Those drifting in the restless sea

Of current thinking.

A different kind of radical.

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