Monday Rewrite: Blessed

Blessed are those not offended by me, those who can cope when I break out of the boxes they put me in. Blessed are those who can adjust, can keep rediscovering who I am. Blessed are those who take even the smallest step with me, though the road may be hard and difficult. Though the way may be disorientating and demanding. Blessed are you when you notice me in the small things each morning, in the moments of the day. The tiny bursts of resurrection. In a small act of hope, in a moment of kindness. In a word here and there. In a nudge to offer a smile. In a helping hand. Blessed are you when your heart remains open, curious, hungry for righteousness. Thirsts for something better. Blessed are you when peace and mercy top your to-do list. Blessed are you when the going is hard, yet you keep going. Though you feel small, overlooked, disregarded. Blessed are you because you will never be overlooked by me. Never disregarded or ignored. Blessed are you because you are precious. Unique. Vital. Blessed are you.

Matthew 5 v 1-11

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