Monday Rewrite: Stranger in a Strange Place

Daniel stands in this strange place. Hearing the pronouncement that he has a new name now. The last vestige of familiarity fading away. Everything he is, grabbed by the collar and marched off into exile. Ransacked and hauled away from all he knew before. Hijacked. Altered. The solid ground feeling like shifting sand. And yet… and yet… there is something they cannot change. Something treasured deep inside of him. His true identity. The reason he is here on this earth, that which he loves and lives for, the ground of his being. The mountains might splinter and crumble, the high places somersault into the sea. The scenery can change. The view morph into unknown territory. The land become an undiscovered country. But he is who he is in his God. The One who is well used to exile and change. The One who led Abraham into unknown places. The One who knows the best way through deserts and sandstorms. No place beyond his reach, no situation unnerving to the One who set the universe in motion. The darkness as bright as day to the One who is light for the world. So that will be his starting point. His anchor. His place of calm and safety. He will lift his eyes and draw strength.

Daniel chapter 1, Psalm 123

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