Monday Rewrite: Troubles

He knows that they worry, understands that it’s a human trait to do so. Can see the concern and questions etched in the furrows of their brows, in the lines of their frowns. And there is plenty to be troubled about. They feel as if their world is out of control, their lives shaken by forces beyond their grasp. What will tomorrow hold? What about the week after, and the months after that? It’s too much for them, saps their strength and drains their hope. So he calls them back towards this day. That is enough for now. More than enough. Let this day be their lot for now. And he offers them other things to focus on. The small good things. The gifts of each morning. The sun coming up. The birds, the flowers. Kindness in a smile. The brief moments of calm and stillness. Taking their eyes off their burdens.  Drawing them towards the presence of God. With them in their troubles. Helping them, strengthening them. Resources for the now, for each present moment. The Christmas child grown up. Living with them each day. Immanuel. God with us.

Matthew 6 v 25-34, Psalm 46 v 1 & 10

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