Wednesday Riff: Faith

Not some finely-tuned superpower,

Or aggressive weapon we wield with pride,

Not some glossy trophy we polish from time to time,

Or a badge of honour for impressing others.

But a simple, fragile gift,

Untidy, ragged, messy at times,

Often seems to be barely there,

Slipping away like water on parched earth.

Always precious, to be handled with care.

Like a favourite bag in which we carry

Our hopes, dreams, fears, questions,

Frustrations, doubts, anxieties and wonder.

On a road that meanders and twists,

Inviting us to take another step

Though the going is surprising.

Like a bar of soap at times too,

Just as we take hold it slips from our fingers,

So that the taking hold becomes a lifelong pursuit.

Faith. A currency of life. A window on another world.

The assurance of things we may not clearly see. Yet.

Hebrews 11 v 1

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