Wednesday Riff: The Artist

If the good bits of this world are a work of art,

Then the Artist never overstates his case.

Leaves it for the eye of the beholder.

What will we see, what will we perceive?

He creates a cloud and leaves it in the sky,

Unique and mottled, sporting shade and depth.

He makes a wave on the sea without a descriptive strapline,

A tree waving to us in the morning breeze,

So we are free to interpret each offering.

To experience it, to absorb it, to wonder.

To see a butterfly and feel uplifted.

To run through the rain and feel alive.

To look for sunshine and feel the tingling chill of Autumn.

To walk down a country lane and tune into the quiet.

To stride through a city and see the face of God in each harried passer-by.

Not prescriptive, the Artist open handed.

The universe a wondrous message,

A subtle and elaborate signature,

A masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

Offered so that we might pause,

And tune in, and sense a different Presence.

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