Wednesday Riff: The Heart Locker

‘We do well to guard our hearts,’

Somebody once said.

The core of our being,

Our centre of gravity,

The wellspring of life,

Our fuel tank and air supply.

To find good things for it,

To avoid treating it like a basement,

And filling it with all the junk,

Or an old locker where we

Shove unwanted things.

We are urged to cram it with so much,

So many burdens that weigh it down,

So much perpetual nervous clutter,

Leaving little room for light or breath,

Leaving little space for the good things.

Like kindness, caring, wonder, warmth.

So we do well to treasure and respect it,

For it affects all we are and all we do.

Proverbs 4.23  Dh2020

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