Wednesday Riff: To Connect

It’s what we want,

What we need,

The longing of our living.

To know and be known,

To understand and be understood.

To draw close and not be rejected,

To be welcomed, not shunned,

Celebrated not ridiculed.

Like wayward rebels,

Trudging up that road,

Longing for a home,

Desperate for a way back.

For a smile and a warm embrace,

For a pat on the back and a place at the table.

To be accepted with all our foibles,

All our quirks and strangeness,

Square pegs finding that we fit after all.

To connect.

To be one, to be whole.

Restored, affirmed,

By one who can survey the entire universe

And yet still make his home

In the centre of a single human heart.

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