Monday Rewrite: The Plan

Three angels wonder what to do about the world’s problems.

1. The world is struggling again. We need a plan.

2. Ooh! I think we should send a committee to have lots of meetings and make agendas.

1. Hmm. Any other ideas?

3. How about a strong and powerful leader, charismatic and goodlooking and charming.

1. Ok. Maybe. Anything else?

2. A new app? Everyone loves a new app.

3. How about a catchy strapline?

2. Yes and a big brash slick advertising campaign.

1. You can’t just have advertising without a product.

3. Yes you can, loads of companies have expensive campaigns when they haven’t really got anything much of value on offer.

4. (Hurrying on) I’ve just had this memo from the Boss.

1. Read it then.

4. It says: the world is waiting for something better, some way to change things, so we’re going to send…

2&3: Yes?

4. …a tiny baby, reliant upon humans, easily overlooked and seemingly powerless.

All: What?!

4. That’s what it says here.

3. Will the baby grow up super quick?

4. Not really. Just at the usual rate. The whole plan is going to take quite a while.

1. And in the meantime?

4. We wait. The world waits. And works out the best way to do that waiting. That’s what it says.

2. It’s not very funky is it? Not very 21st century. Not very fast track. Not very tik tok. Or Instagram.

4. No. But apparently the plan will last forever. Still be here when tik tok is no longer tikking or tokking. The child is going to reign for all time. And one day everyone will discover that. He’ll be a streetlamp in the dark, a path amidst the rubble, a gateway to life.

2. And we couldn’t just have an app for that?

3. And a big slick advertising splash?

4. Doesn’t say so. It says it’s all about personal encounter, sacrifice, sweat and kindness.

3. How about a mass marketing campaign. With the means at our disposal we could put him on every screen in the world. Simultaneously!

2. Brilliant idea! Fantastic! Er… I don’t know what simultaneously means…

3. It means all at the same time. Blam! We hit everyone everywhere with the news.

4. Well… it just says here, one life at a time.

2. Oh.

3. Oh.

1. Different.

4. Yea. Different.

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