Monday Rewrite: Visible

No one should be invisible, though many of us are.

Or feel it anyway.

And yes, we all have times when we want to be unseen,

left quietly undisturbed, in our own space in the background.

But no one should be made to feel irrelevant or overlooked or looked through.


Surely we have our priorities wrong.

Like we put them in a bag and shook it up and just settled for whatever we pulled out first.

Youth. Clothes. Shape. Wit. Shoes. This Month’s Trend.

Anything that gets you noticed.

But what about the simple precious presence of a person without window dressing,

irrelevant of age, background, outfit, mobility, education,

shoe size, leg length, skin tone, facial features…

surely we are all as vital and precious as each other.

Aren’t we?

We all matter, and yes we’re all captive to the old ‘first impressions’ instinct,

no doubt about that.

But we’re all precious too,

all living, breathing, original works of art, with beating, bruised hearts, and unique, fragile spirits.

Let’s be kind.

With all our foibles and preferences.

Let’s see each other. As best we can.

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