Wednesday Riff: You Know How It Is

You know how it is when your back’s against the wall,

When your bones are weary from another day,

When you can’t see the sun for the clouds.

You know how it is when the day is going well,

The wind is at your back,

And life is good, against the odds.

You know how it is when things abruptly fall apart,

When every step is like walking through treacle,

When disappointment is the weight in your soul.

You know how it is when life inspires you,

When it gets you down,

When it puts a spring in your step,

When it robs you of any sense of purpose.

You know how it is when everything has turned against you,

When the sky snarls with thunderous menace,

And you bear the world on your shoulders.

You know how it is because you have been here,

Walked our every way,

The wind-whipped paths and the sun-soaked shores.

Faced the worst and the best,

You have been here. You understand things.

Help us, please. Save us. Change us. For the better.

Our Strength. Our Song. Our Salvation.

Hebrews 4 v 14-16

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