Wednesday Riff: Emmanuel

We thought of God as distant,

Hidden somewhere in the clouds

Up there, unapproachable,

A deity too far away,

One that would not be interested,

Would never come close

For fear of getting his hands dirty.

Then a young woman from Nazareth,

And some mud spattered hillside shepherds,

And a clutch of saddle-worn weary stargazers,

Brought us their story.

God is with us,

Born in the dark and the night,

Knowing trouble and poverty,

Cold, oppression and struggle.

Emmanuel – God with us,

Precious and perfect,

Knowable and loving,

Compassionate and kind.

A humble God,

A world-changing rescuer,

With understanding in his hands,

And life-giving truth in his heart,

Gritty and glorious,

And on our side,

God with us.

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