Wednesday Riff: King of Kindness

As we turn our gaze once more,

To the king of kindness,

Once stable born and one day returning…

We thank you Lord for the many glimpses

Of kindness we have seen this year.

So many kind words, actions, smiles,

In a time of crisis and loss of confidence.

So many moments, seen and unseen,

When humanity has broken through,

When caring for people has topped

Our to-do lists.

When kindness has been the currency,

And lives have been laid down,

Often day after day.

So many quiet heroes,

And unsung bearers of hope.

Thank you for the times we have been

Lifted, strengthened and encouraged,

Our day different because of another.

Help us, inspire us, empower us please,

Through this season of lights and sparkle,

To shine for you in our own unique way,

That your kind glory may be seen

On this precious earth once more.

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