Monday Rewrite: Lost in the Supermarket?

We make our way through the maze of shelves. So much on offer, though we can barely afford it all. Special offers. Two for three. Guaranteed life changers and soul satisfiers. Buy this and be better. Buy this and be the best. Buy this and blend in. Buy this and be okay. A pick’n’mix reality. A glorious muddle. Nothing lasting. Built in obsolescence. A break and replace kind of existence. Personality, spirituality, popularity. Directionless purpose, restless peace, confusing hope. Stuff to make the gap inside bigger. Not all bad. But not all good either. And out the back, tucked away, marginalised, nudged into the shadows… a street barrow. Not much to look at. Old-fashioned perhaps. Out of kilter with the fast lane of modern and post-modern and post-post-modern life. A kind of Tardis. Bigger than it first appears, a portal to a larger way of being. A narrow-road opportunity to a wide-open space. Another country, another life. Though not an easy one. A passport offered. Not for sale. Bought by another. Priceless. To the challenge of a 5D world. A kind of magic eye picture, leaping off the page as the scales fall and our eyes open little by little. A Narnia sort of invitation. An offer of hope in crisis, acceptance in rejection, affirmation and kindness in harsh and difficult times. A world within this one, yet so much bigger. Another dimension. Waiting to be discovered. I frequently get lost in the supermarket and am so grateful for that grace-filled barrow of light and life, I need that so much.

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