Monday Rewrite: Perspectives

Numbers 13 v 25-33

One lot returned with giants in their eyes, seeing the mountains and the problems, the failings and frustrations of the land. The possible potholes and pitfalls. Holding heaviness in their hands, clutching at the clouds with little sign of the sun. Longing perhaps to find something better, but struggling to do so.

And then there were the others. Not so many of them, but they returned too. With a different view. Eyes on another prize. Seeing the possibilities, the ways of pushing forward, the avenues of hope. The opportunities that lay ahead. Keen to bring others with them, to lift up those who were stumbling. To offer a way forward.
One thing for sure, the view was not straightforward, and there were different ways to see it.

Help us Lord, when all we see are mountains, when all I see are problems and pitfalls. At the moment seeing anything more is hard. Thank you for those who have hope, who have the strength and the courage to help us take another step.

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