Wednesday Riff: Furniture

There are times when life feels tidy,
Organised, neatly controlled,
All the bits safely within our grasp,
Motivation flowing from a tank full of energy.
And there are times when it feels
As if all the furniture is out of place,
As if someone has broken in and
Turned the place upside-down.
Nothing is where it should be,
Everything is a ragtag, raging jumble,
Tossed around by unexpected events.
We wake to days that lack certainly,
Look out on a turbulent horizon,
Wonder if normality will ever come our way again.
And we are not alone,
Though there can be little comfort
In knowing that the corridors of time
Are chaotic, disturbed places.
But there is One who knows these times,
One born into post-Christmas chaos,
When all normality was flung to the walls,
When life seemed suddenly fragile
And exposed to the elements.
This manger-child, scooped up into days
Of danger, waiting and shutdown,
Hemmed in by forces beyond his control,
A saviour immersed in the very real troubles
Of a world gone wrong.

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