Wednesday Riff: God in the Ordinary

The silences and the noises,

the waiting and the wondering,

the nudges and the hunches,

the longings and the questions,

the doubting and the believing,

the moments and the hours,

the pressure and the peace,

the knowing and the not knowing,

the aiming at goals and clutching at straws,

the new resolutions and old broken ones,

the fresh starts and second chances,

the unexpected smiles and kind words,

the reaching out to help and encourage,

the shouted prayers and whispered ones,

the turning away and turning back,

the trudging and the running,

the dawdling and the hurrying,

the faces and the bodies,

the known and unknown,

the fears expressed and held within,

the hopes we can barely grasp sometimes.

The God With Us, closer than breathing,

Bigger and smaller, in the extra and ordinary.

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