Film Friday Reflection: Run Fatboy Run

In Run Fatboy Run, as Dennis attempts to run a marathon he has not really trained for, he hits a wall. And he can’t break through it. So he is tempted to give up on the race. It would be easier to just walk away and give up trying. But as he looks at the wall he sees a vision of himself calling him on, telling him not to give up. So he starts again. Keeps going, albeit in a hobbling kind of way. We may frequently feel like throwing in the towel, we may feel out of shape for the challenges of this race of life. Unfair walls spring up to block our path, and we wonder how we’ll keep going. We haven’t trained for the challenges that we find ourselves facing. The writers of the Bible describe life as a race, and they are well aware that we may often hit walls, or fall off the track. Which is why they remind us that those who have gone before, running this very race, are urging us on, saying, ‘Don’t give up! We made it and so can you.’ Their voices may be heard through the messages from others. Emails, social media posts, phone calls, a smile or kind word from a passing friend or stranger. Which is why it’s good to be kind. Be kind, be kind, be kind as Mr Rogers once said. Because we never know how our kindness might encourage someone who has hit a wall today. Someone who needs a kind nudge, a lift, to help them keep going.

‘Let’s keep running this chaotic race, urged on by the huge crowd of witnesses who have been this way before us… fixing our eyes on the One who has run before us and can help us with the troubles, burdens and distractions that weigh us down.’ Hebrews 12 v 1-2

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