Film Friday: The Matrix

At one point in this mind-bending, reality questioning movie the hero Neo goes to visit the all-knowing Oracle, to see if he may be the one to free the earth from the grip of The Matrix. In the waiting room there he meets others who have been brought along to see if they are the appointed rescuer. It seems in movieland that people are often looking for a saviour. It happens in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia. As well as the Marvel, DC and Star Wars Universes. Harry’s the one, no Frodo’s the one, no Neo’s the one. We’re hardwired to want tales of a powerful saviour. Someone who can right the wrongs and set the world back on course. The unexpected thing about the Christian worldview is that there is a saviour, but he doesn’t turn up with superpowers, able to dodge speeding bullets or perform gravity-defying kung fu. The bible describes the weakness of God, assuring us that it is stronger than any earthly force. The weakness of God expressed in a hero who gives his life in the most cruel, embarrassing, unexpected of ways. Pinned up and looking like a failure. There were many looking for a rescuer in Jesus’s day, apparently many boys were called Joshua in the hope that they might grow up to emulate the Old Testament hero and bring the people into a new kind of freedom. But they would never have imagined it to be a simple, highly compassionate carpenter from small town Nazareth. Never have foreseen that the way to bring new life was through the door of sacrifice and execution. Yet on a quiet Sunday morning the revolution they longed for began.

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