Wednesday Riff: Blessed

Blessed are you when you can muster a smile,

You never know who might get the benefit.

Blessed are you when you pick yourself up

After another stumble or slip.

Blessed are you when you bring peace

Into the life of another.

Blessed are you when you bless someone else,

With your actions and your messages.


Blessed are those who encourage you on today,

Those who are in the right place at the right time.

Blessed are the carers, the helpers, the enablers,

The servants, those doing the everyday tasks.

Blessed are those who comfort others,

And those who help us when the going is hard.

Blessed are the listeners, those who can pause,

Those willing to take time out to hear us and others.


May you find a moment of blessing today,

A moment of good cheer when you feel your spirits lifted,

A moment when you feel valued and know how precious you are,

And if that encouragement is not easy to find,

Then may these few words be that moment for you.

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