Film Friday Reflection: Greenland

In the new disaster movie Greenland a comet heads for the earth, and John Garrity receives a text telling him to take his family to an airbase in order to be flown to safety. Bits of the deadly missile are about to destroy entire cities. Massive traffic jams, looters and dodgy phone signals all conspire against their escape, and it’s not long before the family are separated. As in so many films about catastrophe, lots of folk turn against one another in their bid to survive. But there is a lovely moment when John’s son Nathan urgently needs supplies for his medical condition. Being unwell Nathan and his mother Allison are rejected from the flight to safety, as numbers are limited, but as they seek refuge in a makeshift shelter a nurse comes to their aid. She checks Nathan’s condition and prepares the medical aid they need. She offers welcome help in a  time when other doors are shutting all around them. I’m so grateful for those who have, to paraphrase Jesus, ’gone the extra mile’ when I have needed it. Those who look for a way to bring a better moment, a better day for another. We have, I’m sure, all been inspired by those who have set their own agendas aside, and continue to do so, in this extreme and difficult time.

Let us not grow weary in doing good for others. Galatians 6 v 9

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