Monday Rewrite: Beginning Again

She looks into his eyes, as he offers his hand, and it’s as if she can see a whole universe in there. Planets coming into being, stars being birthed, comets blazing their trails. As if he has seen the entire story of creation and carries it within his gaze. But there is something more in there too, something smaller yet larger, something deeply profound. Forgiveness. In this world of harsh criticism and cynical back-stabbing he is carrying something else within his vision. Life. Somewhere in the background her accusers linger and flinch in the shadows, longing for another chance to destroy her even as they fade from view. Envious of the discovery she is making, this chance to lift her head again. To let go of the weight and the heat of those burdens she carries. And as he lifts her now from the dirt and jagged stones of rejection and accusation, his finger still marked from writing of peace and truth in the dust, there is not a single trace of rejection in his being. Only welcome, and acceptance, and that gaze which seems to shout and yet whisper at the same time, ‘I understand. I forgive you. I want you to have a new start.’

John 8


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