Wednesday Riff: The One

The one who drew close to us,

The one who knew us long before we began to know ourselves,

The one who stuck with us, though many times we turned away,

The one who could see what we could not,

The one who could imagine what we could not.

The one unsurprised by the ill-advised twists and turns we take,

The one able to cope with the decisions we make,

The one able to help others through our small compassion,

The one there in the dark and the dawn, in the dusk and the day.

The one not confined by the walls in our mind,

Breaking out of the boxes and compartments we frequently make,

The one bigger and smaller than our stilted perception,

The one for whom love is a far greater thing than we can ever begin to grasp,

The one who reaches out to us, sending signals

Through the white noise of our emotional static,

The one who speaks through the hands and feet, texts and tweets,

Of so many others, expected and unexpected.

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