A thought for a Monday: Fuel for Another Day

He stood among them, surprised them,

Opened the conversation with four words,

‘Peace be with you.’

How they needed it, so he said it again,

‘Peace be with you.’

Their world was in turmoil, their futures uncertain,

There was blame and anxiety in the air,

Regrets haunted their waking and sleeping,

Fear chipped away at their resolve.

‘Peace be with you.’

Not as life could give it, and take it away,

But peace of a different kind, born of compassion,

A sign of comfort and strength pinned

On a hilltop, freely available.

‘Peace be with you.’

And though their grasp of it would ebb and flow,

Sometimes prove elusive,

This peace was going nowhere in a hurry.

The offer would last, and seep down the centuries,

Towards us.

Would never go off, never deteriorate,

And is well used to troubled days and fearful times.

‘Peace be with you.’

He says it again. To us.

Offers fuel and courage for another day.


John 20 v 19 & 21

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