Film Friday: In Bruges

This is one of those movies that reminds me a film does not have to be PG rated and squeaky clean to communicate something really powerful about compassion and sacrifice. (It’s 18 rated, no more clues.) Ken and Ray are a couple of hitmen hiding out in Bruges for a while. They make a couple of unlikely friends. Ken is eternally upbeat, enjoying the sights, art and architecture. But Ray is not happy. He is falling apart and bored by Bruges. Little by little he unravels and Ken finds that he has to be the one to keep things on track. Ray annoys the pants off him but Ken believes in him, wants the best for him, and is willing to lay everything on the line to help him. Stickability is tough at times. We live in days when everything seems temporary. Gadgets come with built-in obsolescence, our homes fill with laptops, phones and clothes as we replace them with new stuff. I do anyway. A lot of us do I’m sure. The notion that something is reliable and lasting is strange these days. But Ken is a rock for Ray. While others are out to use and trick them, Ken stays strong. Many of us lack a big story these days, an epic reason for life, the universe and everything. The great news from the Bible is that there is a big story. We are part of an epic. Something that is not temporary or needs replacing in six months. We have a Creator who is a rock we can lean on. A ground zero foundation for us to build on. Our lives have meaning, and though the trends and signs around us might question that, we can find ourselves in the Good Book. And find one who knows the flimsy nature of this life, and is bigger. We have significance. We are not just a speck in the mind’s eye of history. We are designed and precious.

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