Film Friday Reflection: Escape from Pretoria

This remarkable true story is all about keys. And the way political prisoner Tim Jenkin secretly fashioned a whole set in his cell. He and his friend were incarcerated in a South African high security prison for distributing anti-apartheid leaflets. For speaking up for truth and justice. But the resourceful pair refused to stay locked in, and hatched a plan so startling you’d think it ridiculous if it weren’t true. Freedom is an elusive concept, even for those of us not held behind bars. It’s hard to appreciate the freedom we have and things like money, lack of opportunity, broken dreams and other people can all seriously hem us in. It’s worth remembering those who have lost their freedom because of their faith in Jesus. 260 million Christians live in countries where there can be circumstances of great threat and pressure. May we find moments today to appreciate the good things we have, and to pray for those who are struggling. Life is never perfect, we all know this, we live in a fractured world, and for some it is very difficult indeed. As we draw near Easter we remember that Jesus gave everything to bring freedom, and to inspire and empower us to live with the same desire and hunger for truth and justice that he had. Lord, help us appreciate life when it is hard to do so, and help us remember those who for whom getting through each day is a challenge. Thank you, Amen.

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