Wednesday Riff: A Place of Calm

I lift my eyes up to the mountains,

To the sky, to that wide open plain above

The trees, the homes, the skyscrapers,

To that space beyond the borders,

Beyond the constrictions and restrictions.

I lift my eyes up, beyond the everyday struggles,

The fears that I face each morning,

The worries about the decisions and pressure,

To draw strength, to take stock,

To refocus on that which is higher than I.

I lift my eyes up to raise my spirits,

To settle my racing mind, to adjust my perspective,

To calm the overwhelming thoughts,

To offer the battles of the day and the night.

I lift my eyes to remind myself,

That the walls and the woes of this world

Are not the end, not the full and final reality,

I lift my eyes, and my silent unspoken prayers,

Those things which are beyond words,

Those questions, longings and arguments

Which nestle untidily within my soul,

I lift my eyes, and every part of my being,

To One who is our ever-present help

To the One who cares and understands…

Psalms 121 & 123

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