Wednesday Riffs: Known & Dreaming


Eliashib and Hassenaah,

Baruch, Zaccur, Jedaiah,

Meremoth and Azariah,

Palal, Rehum, Hashabiah,

Zadok, Jadon, Malkijah,

Hanun, Shallum, Rephaiah.

You may not know any of these,

Or even say their names with ease,

But each one worked to play their part,

Made something with their hands and heart,

Through sweat and toil and risk and trouble,

They made something good from rubble.

And here they are remembered, see?

Known and precious, like you and me.

We’re each unique, no one the same

To the God who cares and knows our name.

Nehemiah chapter 3

– – –


We have a dream

That one day love will reign,

One day respect will be the watchword,

Everyone will have enough

And greed will be a distant memory.


We have a dream

That one day peace will reign,

One day wholeness will be the watchword,

Every conflict will be resolved,

And pain will be a distant memory.

  • We have a dreamThat one day life will reign,

    One day kindness will be the watchword,

    Every damaged heart will be repaired

    And tears will be a distant memory.


    We have a dream,

    A dream of life, love, truth and peace,

    And a light that never goes out.

    And it’s this that nudges us forward, urges us

    To keep hoping, praying, caring, believing,

    For that new day and a resurrection dawn.


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