Monday Musing: Ch… ch… ch… ch… changes

In my twenties I felt bulletproof

Wanted to fight for love and troof,

Change the world and make it right,

Wouldn’t take long… maybe overnight.


In my forties it dawned on me,

That I could be subversive, work secretly,

To make the world a better place,

A whispered nudge rather than ‘in your face’.


Nearing my sixties I wonder aloud,

How much change I brought about?

The world seems stranger than ever before,

A foreign land outside my door.


Have to fight to not become a grinch,

A grumpy old dude who won’t budge an inch,

To still find hope and good things here,

To believe that love overcomes fear,

To lift up others, not push them down,

To offer a smile and not a frown.

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