Wednesday Riff: Refuge

Not about the right words,

Or the right background,

Or best behaviour,

Not about religion or being earnest,

Or the right spiritual credentials.

But a place of refuge,

A safe place to call home.

A place of shelter in the storms,

A place to bring our burdens and wounds,

Our damage and darkness,

Our worries, troubles and torments.

Not so much about answers,

But about nourishment and purpose,

A regular pit-stop for the next lap.

A place of rescue and salvation,

A place of sure ground amidst life’s shaking,

A place where truth and kindness embrace,

A place with room for us all.

Not of harsh standards, but generous goodness,

And a place where the rays of the Nazareth Son

Can warm and cleanse our minds and hearts,

A place of refuge.

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