Monday Rewrite: Excuses, Excuses

Cast: Martha – M, Sarah – S, Esther – E, God – G (a voice offstage)
The three women are meeting to pray, there is a table near them with a telephone on it.

M. Evening, Sarah.
S. Evening, Martha. Ah here comes Esther, we can start the meeting now – let’s pray. Father, we really want to hear your voice tonight.
[Telephone starts ringing]
E. Yes, Lord, speak so that we have no doubts.
[Telephone continues ringing]
M. And don’t let us be distracted by the enemy – or the telephone! [Martha sighs heavily]
M. Oh, I’ll get it. Hello?
G. Martha – this is the Lord speaking.
M. What! Oh, er… it’s for you, Sarah.
S. Hello?
G. Sarah, I have chosen you to be the mother of a nation.
S. What! Me?
E. What’s going on?
S. It’s the Lord!
E. What! Are you sure?
S. I don’t know, I’ll ask him? Are you sure?
G. Sarah – I am the Lord. And I am calling you to do something important and challenging.
S. Oh, in that case… you want Esther!
E. Me? But I don’t know what to say! I didn’t know I’d have to speak to Him tonight.
M. Ask him if he’s got the right number.
G. Martha!
M. [Taking the phone nervously] Er… yes?
G. I want you to slow down and take time to listen to me.
M. Ah! I’m sorry, Lord, this is a very bad line. Did you say you want me to make packed lunches for the other two? Oh, hang on – Esther’s dying to get a word in.
E. [Who is not dying to get a word in] H… hello? u
G. And you, Esther, I have chosen you for a great piece of work – I want you to confront the king of your oppressors.
E. Me? But I’m only a teenager. I’ve got my ‘A’ levels to do. And no-one ever listens to me anyway. Do they? [Looking at the others] DO THEY??
M&S. [Not listening] Mm… what?
G. LISTEN! I know each one of you, and I am calling you to follow me, go in my name and do more than you can do on your own.
M. But I’m too busy.
S. I’m too old.
E. I’m too scared!
G. Yes. You’re right – you are. But I am all you need.
[All freeze]

(Genesis 18, Esther 4, Luke 10)

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