Monday Rewrite: Hope in a Crowd

Four readers – Narrator, Jesus, Peter and Leah (the woman who has been ill)

Narrator: The next day, as they landed in Capernaum, a large crowd gathered around Jesus again. One of the officials from the local synagogue, a man called Jairus, fell to his knees at Jesus’s feet and begged him for help to heal his daughter. So they followed Jairus through the crush of people. All around voices clamoured for attention and hands grasped at Jesus and his friends. Soon they…

Jesus: Wait! Stop!
Peter: What is it, Lord?
Jesus: I felt someone touch me Peter.
Peter: I think we all felt someone touch us, Lord. The important thing is not to make eye contact – some of these people are seriously deranged.
Jesus: I don’t mean the crowd. Who touched me?
Peter: It might be easier to ask who didn’t? Look at them all!
Jesus: Someone reached out in faith. I felt power go out of me.
Peter: Power? How can someone take power from you without you knowing it?
Jesus: That’s what I’m saying, I do know it. Someone touched me.
Peter: Lord, Jairus is waiting – his daughter is not getting any better.
Jesus: I’m aware of that. Now who touched me?

Narrator: For a time there was nothing but the continued hollering from the crowd, then, the wall of bodies parted and a tiny, hunched figure shuffled through and stood hunched in front of Jesus. Jesus lifted her head and looked her in the eyes, showing her how much she mattered to God.

Leah: I’m sorry Lord… I’m sorry… It was… It was me Lord. It was me. I’ve been ill for years, bleeding inside. No one’s been able to help me. I’ve lost everything. I’ve spent everything on doctors and it hasn’t got any better. I’ve been so lost. So lonely. When I saw you I knew that if I could just touch your clothes I would be all right. I’m sorry, I’m sorry I touched you – I should have asked first, but I was so frightened. And it worked. It really worked! The pain’s gone. The bleeding’s stopped. I feel so much better for the first time in years. I’m sorry Lord, but I had to…
Jesus: You don’t need to apologise – your faith has made you better. God loves you so much, my precious daughter, go in peace – your suffering is over.
Peter: Lord!
Jesus: All right Peter, I know, Jairus is still waiting.
Peter: No he’s not. He’s gone! Don’t say his daughter’s better as well! After we came all this way!
Jesus: No Peter – far from it. I just heard someone say she’s dead.
Peter: Oh! We should go home and have a lie down then.
Jesus: This is not over yet.
Peter: What?
Jesus: Come on. We have to keep going. Now!
Peter: But Jesus – you’ve only just healed this woman, you’re still recovering from that power going out of you.
Jesus: I’m hardly recovering Peter. It’s that precious woman who was ill, remember? I’m fine. Now make a way through this crowd so we can find Jairus and get to his house!

Narrator: And before long Jairus’s daughter was well again too.

[Based on Mark chapter 5 verses 21-43]

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