Monday Rewrite: The King

Long, long time ago,

Or was it just today you know,

A world got made from breath and dust,

And people lived in open trust.

And fears we’re calmed, and faces smiled,

As stories gushed, a river wild,

And people found a whole new dance,

A calm creator’s second chance.

A less-trodden winding road,

A place to bring that heavy load,

And in the son there lay it down,

In the shadow of that thorny crown.

Darkened dirges brought to light,

The book of love brings second sight,

More than mere pie in that sky,

Chaotic living letters, that’s you and I,

Written in the wayward sand,

Before the tide’s restless hand.


The grass is sure to fade away,

But there is much more to this day,

A promise of lives remade,

A mortal debt now long repaid.

The water-walker waves again,

To hungry, frightened, lost children,

Calling, going door to door,

The King comes knocking, knuckles raw.

As life digs its teeth in us,

Takes our strength and blurs focus,

A meal ticket for the feast,

A banquet laid there for the least.

And as for better things we long,

A sweeter dawn, a perfect song,

For now the shadowed valleys stay,

And nights forever steal each day,

But we don’t tread these boards alone,

We have a guide to lead us home.


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