Wednesday Riff: Salvation

A many layered gift,

Moving us from darkness to light,

From fear to compassion,

From rejection to welcome,

From lost to found,

(Though we may struggle to find ourselves at times)

From one worldview to another.

Getting us through the day,

Through the next hour,

Over this hurdle, up that mountain,

Past those molehills,

Lighting up the next footstep.

Offering us direction and purpose,

Another dimension to this life,

Eyes, ears, hearts… doors opened,

A life of days endless, a promise of more to come.

A living letter, a message of being cherished,

Valued, understood, called and precious.

A changing thing, a road to walk,

Gentle and profound, powerful and simple,

Summed up in two words: ‘Follow me.’

A daily new start from that man from Galilee.

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