Wednesday Riffs: Twilight and Calling

Lord we long for you,
As dry ground longs for rain,
As sports fans long for a win,
As weary travellers long for rest.
Lord we thirst for you,
Our parched souls calling out,
With words we can barely express,
In our fears for the future,
And our hopes for something more.
Lord how we need you,
As a body needs breath,
As people need vision,
As lives need bread and water.
Lord we long for you,
Each day, each hour, each moment,
Sustain us, inspire us, transform and help us,
For our hope, our peace, and our glory
Are in you.

Twilight and Dusk
Lord help me to find You and know You,
Through the changes in this shifting world.
You see, things falter, I get confused,
The mist comes down, the landmarks shift,
And the goalposts are all out of line.
Help me believe again, to reach for You again,
And to believe that You hear this cry,
And to believe that You can do something,
That these words matter to You.
Help me when the prayers, the desire,
The trust… have been replaced with questions,
And what used to be, is now something else.
I’m out of ideas here,
Caught between twilight and dusk,
Soft light and shade.
Some of us here seem strong and sure,
Some of us less so,
Yet we are all part of this one diverse body.
Help us to find You,
Our realistic, irreligious, experienced Creator,
And help us please, to be found by You.

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