Film Friday: Dream Horse

Jan is bored and weary. Her life lacks spark. Then she notices a copy of Horse and Hounds and an idea is born. She is going to breed a racehorse. It will cost her, but it’ll be worth it. So she starts a syndicate to help her finance the project and before long the whole of her village is on board. And so begins a wild adventure, unbelievable if it were not true. With little money and no experience she and her husband Brian breed and raise their racehorse Dream Alliance. At one point, alone with Dream, she tells him that she has always been labelled via someone else. Her father’s daughter, her husband’s wife. That sort of thing. But raising Dream and watching him flourish and race she has been herself. He has drawn her out. The Bible holds a fascinating quote in the section called Proverbs (chapter 29 verse 18), ‘Without a vision, people dwindle’. Jan has been dwindling, but now she has hope, she has a vision, she has set her sights on something more. ‘People can’t help believing in something more,’ her husband Brian says at one point. It seems to me we are hardwired to reach beyond ourselves. We call it faith. The ability to believe, the ability to reach out for what we cannot yet see. For what is beyond us. It’s a risky thing, but it draws us out. We are all unique people, often shaped and fenced in by our surroundings and experiences. But there is more to us, and this reaching out for more, can open two doors, one on our true selves, and one on another dimension, another reality. Beyond the words we use and our attempts to fit in. A restless sense of more, of eternity set deep within our being. A reality of Faith, Hope and Love.

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