Film Friday: Peter Rabbit 2

Bea’s tales of Peter and his friends are taking off, the books are selling like, well – hot cross bunnies. But when a big company comes knocking, wanting to take these animal antics to the next level, things get out of hand. There is talk of merchandising and rebranding and turning these garden adventures into something else entirely. A change that will affect Bea too. Success is calling… Bigger, better, more is often the yearning we have as humans. In our work, leisure, belongings and relationships. Have I got enough ‘Friends’ on Facebook, enough ‘Followers’ on Twitter? And how many is enough? I have often struggled with the feeling of lack of success, that my ambitions have not been achieved. I’m grateful for Mother Theresa’s saying, ‘We aren’t called to be successful, but faithful.’ The hunt for achievement can breed dissatisfaction. I am currently reading Matt Haig’s book The Midnight Library, about a woman who fears she has missed all her best opportunities in life, but she is slowly discovering whether this is true. Life can be full of regret. And it’s easy to look at others and feel inadequate. We can often live with the life we don’t have. Feel as if somewhere there is a better version of things that we are missing. The encouraging thing about God is that his name is I Am. Here and now. In this presence, in this time, in this version of reality. Success may come our way in various forms, but so will failure and mistakes and misjudgement, because we all live with life’s struggles and troubles in various forms. Thank God that Jesus stepped into this ragged world, not a version that was tidy and clean. But the one where you and I have good days and bad. He promised he would always be with us in this jangling, clunking reality. Our strength, song, life and redeemer.

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