Monday Rewrite: Praying Like Breathing


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A simple sketch to illustrate the need to pray at all times.

It involves one narrator and a group of 4 – 10 people who respond to the narrative with the actions in itallics.


Narrator:                                                                    Actions:

Praying is like breathing.                                            (Group stand in line, all

It’s old-fashioned but it works.                                   breathe, big movements)    

We need to breathe to stay alive,                                (Alternate people stop breathing

                                                                                          and collapse into next one’s arms)

to continue growing,                                                   (All watch imaginary figuregrowing)

and to achieve anything in life.                                  (Different poses of achievement)


It’s recommended that one breathes steadily,             (Breathe together)

confidently,                                                                (Freeze, with big smiles)

and continuously;                                                        (Breathe and smile)

believing in faith that,

although one cannot see the air being inhaled,

it is actually going in and out.                                    (Grit teeth, clench fists, breathe)


It would be unthinkable to attempt to survive            (Puff out cheeks, pause, gasp for air)

without it.


Air is vital to our bodies, as prayer is to our spirits      (Group freeze)

– we all need to breathe.

However, some have tried alternative methods.


For example, many people seem to think that by

meeting together once a week and all breathing         (All breathe in, one by one,

                                                                                                then out, one by one)

at the same time for one hour, they can then               

survive the rest of the week without the use of  their lungs.


Or, that all we need is 20 minutes breathing time     (Pinch nose, look at watch,

                                                                                             breathe quickly fall sleep)

at the beginning of each day, whilst still in a state of deep slumber.                                        


There are others for whom Wednesday night is         (All form a group, breathe together, arms linked)

their special breathing time, when they all                  

have an evening of sharing air together in each other’s homes.        


However, whilst many find these times of                 (Some breathe in line

respiration beneficial, none is totally                         some look at watch,

sufficient to keep us alive.                                          some breathe in group)


In conclusion, on the maker’s recommendations,       (Group freeze)

we therefore advise that for best results

one prays regularly and frequently.

For those still not convinced, we recommend a simple test.

Place one hand over the mouth,                                  (Hand over mouth)

the other over the nose,                                               (Pinch nose)

and do not remove until next Sunday morning.         (All freeze) 

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