Monday Rewrite: The Call of Moses

Cast: Narrator, Moses, two sheep, a bush. The Narrator reads the lines in bold.

Hello everyone, I’m the narrator.

Hopefully the audience will say ‘Hello!’

And this is Moses.

Moses walks on with his staff, waves and says, ‘Hello.’

He was brilliant at juggling with firesticks while standing on his head.

Moses says, ‘What!!’ and looks horrified.

Oh no, sorry, he WASN’T brilliant at juggling with firesticks while standing on his head.

Moses wipes his brow and says, ‘Phew!’

He was good at looking after sheep though.

Two sheep come crawling on.

Moses’s sheep said, ‘Baa!’

The sheep say ‘Baa!’

Told you. Now one day, while Moses was in the desert with his sheep saying ‘Baa!’

The sheep and Moses all say ‘Baa!’

They walked past a bush.

The bush comes running on and adopts a bush-like position behind Moses.

And the bush said, ‘Crackle crackle crackle!’

The bush flicks its fingers and says, ‘Crackle, crackle crackle!’

Because it was on fire and Moses noticed this.

Moses looks all round whilst standing in front of the bush. He can’t see it.

Moses – it’s behind you.

Moses says, ‘Where?’

The narrator encourages everyone to say – ‘Behind you!’

Moses says again, ‘Where?’

Everyone says, ‘Behind you!!!’

And Moses turned round and jumped!

Moses turns round, sees the bush and jumps!

Told you. He went closer to the bush to see why it was on fire…

Moses moves closer.

And the bush said, ‘Don’t come too close.’

The bush says, ‘Don’t come too close.’

Told you. So Moses jumped back again.

Moses jumps back.

The burning bush told him to take off his shoes because this was special ground.

Moses mimes doing this, and smelling his shoes as he throws them away.

God was in the bush and he had come to ask Moses to set the Israelites free in Egypt. And so Moses said a big happy…

Moses says, ‘NO! N – O – NO!!!!’

He was scared of going back to Egypt in case they put him in prison. Where they fed people on dry Weetabix. Ughh!

Moses looks terrified, biting his nails, and knocking his knees together. The sheep look terrified too.

But God told him he could do it because God would help him. And Moses said a big happy…

Moses says, ‘NO! N – O – NO!!!!’

So they had a bit of an argument. And God said, ‘You can do it Moses!’ And Moses said,

‘Oh no I can’t!’

‘Oh yes you can!’ (Repeat these two lines a few times, involving the audience and the sheep)

Eventually God said, ‘How about your brother Aaron?’ And Moses said,

‘Good idea! Send him instead!’

But God sent them both.

Aaron walks on, they high five, fist bump, bump hips and pull a face at each other. Moses then says, ‘Come on then.’ And Moses and Aaron start to leave – going the wrong way.

Er… Moses – it’s that way. (Points the other way)

Moses says, ‘I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that.’

And so Moses and Aaron went back to Egypt and God used them to set the Israelites free! Yippee!

The sheep say ‘Yippee!’ too, and they stand up and high five, fist bump, bump hips and pull a f ace at each other – just like Moses and Aaron have done.

Then they run off.


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