Wednesday Riff: A Prayer for Peace

Lord we pray today for peace in your world,

For those working to bring peace,

For those longing to live in peace,

For those with the power to offer peace.

Lord for the vulnerable and the young,

For the oppressed and the frightened,

For those who feel forgotten and trapped.

We pray for them and for ourselves.

Blessed are the peacemakers, you said,

We pray for blessing on them and on their work,

On those labouring tirelessly to bring peace and safety,

And for the powerful and the strong

That they might bring hope and freedom and kindness.

Lead us, guide us, urge us and inspire us we pray,

Make us all peacemakers in the small and significant things,

May we be part of your big picture of hope

And kindness in this world today we pray,

Keep us going, keep us praying, keep us open and hoping,

And keep us following your way of peace please,


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