Wednesday Riff: All

To offer it all, our whole being, the bits we like and the bits we don’t.

Like Jacob wrestling with an angel, we wrestle in our love for God,

We wrestle with our dedication,

Our longings, our mistakes and missteps,

Our hearts like a colour-by-numbers chess board,

Bits that are impressive and brightly shaded,

Bits that are less so, and patchy and grey,

Bits that are downright darkly splodged, hardly a work of art at all.

And so we hide behind our rocks, behind our masks and fig leaves,

While the call comes to us,

‘Let me see you, bring all you are, let me hear you and receive you.’

The invitation to offer all of our all,

Hearts, minds, souls, strength, our stumbling and jumbled thinking.

Not in perfect condition, far from it,

But because there is One who gets us,

Understands and cherishes the children he made.

To offer it all, our whole being,

Not because our love is strong and unfailing,

But because His love is, his kindness reliable,

His love beyond all we can grasp, strong and smiling,

An open door, a welcome mat, a warm embrace.

Like a father hurtling at breakneck speed to

Welcome home his lost and hurting children,

With all our grief, disappointment, and frustration,

His heart pounding and poured out for us.

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