Wednesday Riff: On Prayers and Praying

What of our prayers and praying?

They are like a hand reaching for help and comfort

And something solid for ourselves and others,

A song we make up as we go along,

Expressing our sometimes honest,

Sometimes rehearsed pleas and praise.

A way of drawing near to one who knows us,

A way of standing with the one who gave all

On that lonely Gethsemane night,

Waiting with him, like waiting with a child

Who fears the dark and asks for our company.

A means of discovering more than we can know

Merely by our own efforts and means,

A way of discovering the nature and character

Of the one who created our nature and character.

A light in the dark, a calming voice in the night,

A way home, a path to redemption,

A friend in the chaos and the muddle,

A way of finding forgiveness, and forgiving

Ourselves and one another.

An anchor in the inevitable storms,

A refuge when life’s weathers batter us once more.

A smile when we feel surrounded by scowls.

A way of absorbing divine kindness and generosity.

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