Film Friday: Reminiscence

In a waterlogged and dystopian city, Nick and Emily offer the chance to revisit and replay past memories. However there is always the danger that clients will revisit too often and get burned by their past. Stuck in what has gone before. Memories are powerful, good ones can inspire us, bring a smile, and spur us on. CS Lewis once wrote that ‘Remembering is the last chapter.’ I like that, we can appreciate the good things in a way that was perhaps not easy at the time. But we can also hanker for what was, missing out on the now, and be held by what has been. It is sometimes the hardest thing to break free, and we need help to live in the now. I do anyway. The good news is that we can bring all of our life to God, each day, the past, the present and our future. Day by day we can bring our present moments to God and ask to help us be aware of the good things and to make the most of this life. When Moses met God in a desert God told him his name is I Am. The present moment. I’m not always present, my head can be all over the place, so I can easily miss God in the now.

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